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Here's what you get...

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management Solutions
  • ​Scheduled Monthly Routine Checkup and Maintenance, including lighting, cleaning of filters, and routine inspections
  • Access to services like: Vendor Services Management, Customized Reports, and more...
  • Two hours of 'Handy Services' for chores like hanging pictures or shelving, moving furniture, and other odd jobs

Begin with a Home Maintenance Checkup & Report - $300 

Exterior -
1.    Visual street level inspection of roof for debris, loose shingles, etc.
2.    Check driveways, walkways for cracks and settling
3.    Check brick, stone, and pavers for settlement and shifting
4.    Check exterior siding/stucco/paint for signs of deterioration or damage
5.    Check window hardware, locks, weep holes, caulking, etc
6.    Check doors - locks, hardware
7.    Check lighting 
8.    Test garage door auto-reverse
9.    Check fencing - holes, damage, or entrance points
10.    Check gates - hardware
11.    Check stairs & railings for cracks, trip hazards, loose steps/railings
12.    Check hose bibs for leaks, excessive water run
13.    Check septic field (if applicable) for unusual standing water/odor
14.    Clean exterior drains

Interior -
1.    Inspect and clean refrigerator coils 
2.    Check kitchen/bathroom cabinets for outdated food, medicine
3.    Clean Range Hood filter
4.    Dust blinds and vacuum curtains
5.    Wash windows, inside/outside
6.    Remove dryer lint
7.    Check fire extinguishers
8.    Check stairs, railings, for cracks, loose steps or railings
9.    Check window and door locks/hardware
10.    Test carbon monoxide detectors
11.    Test smoke detectors
12.    Clean garbage disposer
13.    Change furnace/AC filters
14.    Clean register covers
15.    Check water softener salt
16.    Water filter check
17.    Drain or flush water heater (manufacturer recommendations)
18.    Clean faucet aerators and shower heads
19.    Clean floor drains of debris
20.    Clean sink/tub drains
21.    Check toilets for leaks, cracks, excessive water run
22.    Inspect caulking aroud tubs, showers, sinks
23.    Clean washing machine water inlet filters, check hoses
24.    Replace light bulbs as needed

Think about the benefit of having your own personal Home Manager on staff. One who makes regularly scheduled visits to your home, continually checking on your safety, and keeping track of routine maintenance.

You will preserve your home resale value as well. Preventative maintenance makes sense, in that potential problems are more likely to be addressed before problems occur.

Call Keith 209.613.0559 now, and begin enjoying your home with less worry and greater confidence that your home is safe, and well maintained.

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